The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation was founded in early 2010, under the aegis of umbrella organization, the Fondation de France. It was created in memory of Daniel Carasso – founder of Danone and his wife, Nina. It is a family organization that is independent of the food company. On its Executive Committee sit its president, Marina Nahmias, family members, and friends chosen for their competence. The Executive Committee is supported by a Finance Committee that is made up of Executive Committee members and external members. It handles all matters related to investment of the endowment and revenues. The Foundation is steered by an Executive Director who is assisted by a team.

To help it accomplish its mission, the Foundation draws on the support of a number of consultative committees that are currently being formed. Their mission is to conduct strategy watches and – in some cases – shortlist projects, with the Executive Committee having the final say.

International Sustainable Food and Diets Scientific Committee

Sustainable Food Systems and Diets Committee France

Sustainable Food Systems and Diets Committee Spain (under construction)

The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation is a grant organization: in other words, it funds organizations whose action ties in with its strategic directions. With the exception of a few programme sit itself has initiated and runs – like the Premio Daniel Carasso – the Foundation has no operational role. It does not raise funds and performs its mission using revenues from its initial endowment.

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