Themes and Programmes

The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation sees art both as a vector of self-realization and self-enrichment and as a way for people to express their citizenship and understanding of society. Art as an expression of citizenship should not be confined to a mere statement of principles. It should also express itself through action, even if that means encouraging a sort of affirmative action to benefit those most cut off from the arts. By enabling access to art for all, the Foundation seeks to strengthen the sense of belonging among people from the same class, neighbourhood, town, or family. It also aims to encourage children, adolescents and adults to look at society and perhaps themselves in a different light.

In other words, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation wishes art to be a driving force for expressing citizenship with the following five-fold objective:

  • Art as a way of seeing
  • Art that fosters a sense of belonging
  • Art that tackles issues
  • Art that communicates
  • Art as experience

As part of its second major focus, “Art in the Community”, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation has set six priority objectives, which may be pursued through one or more programmes. There is also an additional objective for supporting art-related projects in countries affected by environmental disasters. The seven objectives are:

Objective 1 – Art and the Critical Faculty
Objective 2 – Art for the Culturally Excluded
Objective 3 – Art and Education
Objective 4 – Art and Science
Objective 5 – Arts and Crafts
Objective 6 – Art and International Solidarity

Propose a project
Project owners seeking funding from the Foundation should go to the page “Support and Selection” or check that they are eligible in the table “Obtain Funding” (currently under construction).